Sabtu, 11 Juli 2009

crafting shop sell the product

Batik cloth

diligence of batik cloth come from town of Jogyakarta State Indonesia
diligence of batik cloth there is since in the past until now .
diligence of batik cloth have various name
us offering batik cloth, this so called SIDOLUHUR

handicraft from leather

Figure in puppets in its entirety amount to hundreds of. is lay figure do not be played to be to be put down in the banana bar at elbow the puppeteer. Moment played, lay figure will see as shadow in the white [screen/sail] in front of the puppeteer. That shadow can be created [by] because each;every puppetplays wear the oil lamp as the illumination assist reflection of lay figure which is is played
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Ceramics handicraft
Loro Blonyo Ceramic Statue

STATUE Loro Blonyo dipercaya[i which is ( such) can bring the harmonious domesticity them and hockey [ which] become. Hence, this statue is is is often placed at home " Why now become two statue pengantin woman and boy? Because of they are yielded by theX descendant or fertility,"
" Basically we keep house to take care of compatibility and harmonious. Nature of Loro Blonyo become the picture of beauty [of] a [relation/link],". Trust or don't, nothing;there is no wrong [of] him beautify the house of beside positive autosuggestion disperse of statue Loro Blonyo.

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Welcome .........................
this shop is the [crafting/ diligence] shop sell the product [crafting/ diligence] of state indonesia, temporarily this this shop newly sell some of the [crafting/ diligence]s in state indonesia.
if visitor wish the [crafting/ diligence] product in state indonesia besides the in this shop please contact we are through contac us our.

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